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Now also at 1/35, the Vomag 7 OR 660 Omnibus

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Tell me more! This would be really cool on a diorama. Is this the same bus type that Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton escaped in at the end of Where Eagles Dare?

That was a 2-axled bus, hard to tell exactly but the Roden Opel Blitz bus will get you closer.
combined with this
The box-art shows a Mercedes L3000 but I am fairly certain that it would be easy to
fit the plow to the Blitz. Both were 3-ton trucks …

Since it is a movie after all:
“The bus the team drives away in near the end is a 1952 Steyr built bus, a design that did not exist at the time.”
One of the anachronisms in the film

An Opel Blitz would fit better with the probable scenario. Steyr was an Austrian manufacturer and they used a different front (see Tamiya Steyr 1500). Saurer, a Swiss truck and bus manufacturer used a front which is closer to the one in the film and their Alpenwagen L4C had similar trim under the windows.
Maybe/Possibly the book by Alistair MacLean mentions which bus it was.
I would go for the Opel Blitz or maybe the Mercedes L3000 (Italeri kit is not 100% accurate, ) I faintly remember something more that was wrong, unless I confused it with the L 701)