Root of the problem

Sorry for the pun title, couldn’t help myself. I have a question about wing roots. I am currently building Hasegawa Ki-84 and B6N. They both have really good fit overall.

However, when building the B6N there is a sizable gap in the wing root.

I can remove this gap by bending the wings up, effectively increasing the dihedral angle.

Now the B6N did have significant dihedral according to like drawings.

I can’t imagine this wing root gap is an error on hasegawa part as the rest of the fit is flawless, it I also don’t know if I am supposed to bend the wings to close the gap? Sorry it’s my first time working with a plane with this much wing root gap

I would be more inclined to add spacers to push the fuselage sides out to close the gap vs bending the wings.

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Yeah I am hesitant to bend the wings too. Weird thing is people mentioned a perfect wing root fit in reviews

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I’d be inclined (pardon the pun) to check the angle against that schematic, especially if you can assemble the rest of the wing. Then take a frontal photo and super-impose it onto the schematic. HTH.


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Might not be a bad idea! Likely won’t be able to assemble the full wing, as it comes with the ability to move the wings from folded to straight. But matching the wing root should help even

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Wasn’t able to get a spreader bar of sprue in the fueslage, it’s too crammed. I decided bending the wings was a no go as the dihedral looks correct without bending with the Mk I eyeball. Curious why I have such a bad fit when reviews say it’s perfect, but nonetheless I have a solution. I shimmed the fueslage sides with .01” strip styrene

Before glueing I slide the strips in and they all but eliminate the gaps. Once dry I’ll trim them, sand them and then I should be good to go

Edit: good as new!! A couple small section of the shim broke off but easy fix!


Just to offer you an alternative, I usually use stretched sprue for jobs llike that. It saves some cutting work.


Stretched sprue is a good idea!

Part of the issue for me here was centering the fuselage between the wings was a bit tough as there was nothing to guide the alignments. The .01” strip styrene ensured an equal offset on each wing.