Roswell, New Mexico - 1947

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@kosprueone - thanks mate and sorry I don’t but it was an easy process as used a cheap set of coloured LED’s and bunched them up into the lower section of the saucer and then then ran the wiring down thru a hole in the foam. I then removed some foam to make room for the battery pack which is two double A batteries, and you can see the switch and part of the wiring in the third picture.

@Biggles50 - yeah I know but I thought a pinkish alien would stand out more.

@Trisaw - thanks so much mate.

@phantom_phanatic - loved that episode.

@petbat - now that gives me an idea for another build cheers mate.

@MoramarthT - cheer mate and love the idea of the ufo getting a tow.



Little Green Men is in my top three episodes of DS9. The others are Our Man Bashir and Trials and Tribbleations. DS9 usually had a much darker and serious tone than the other shows, but the writers and cast were definitely up for having some fun in a few episodes.

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Trials and Tribbleations was great! I loved how Worf was ashamed of the original series Klingons.

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‘We do not discuss it with outsiders.’
Probably the best explanation we were going to get till Enterprise.