RT-Diorama European Farm 1:35 35296 | Armorama

All in all a beautiful diorama set and a must for every diorama builder!

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I love the design and scene but personally think resin is the way to go with buildings and bases. Plaster just does not travel well, specially with the USPS postal system. 70%+ breakage of package contents is what forced me to start offering my building and diorama base products in resin.

Hello Jose,
This is a widespread concern, but it is unjustified, with our products it is very rare that a part breaks, if this is not repairable we will of course send a replacement part free of charge; if you are still afraid that something will break, we also offer all products in ceramic, this is a very stable material that contains the fantastic properties of plaster, i.e. the very easy and realistic paintability, as well as the durability of resin.

Yes looks like a beautiful product

Dear sir, please understand I meant no disrespects to your amazing products. I love them very much, I was just expressing my concerns due to previous dealings with plaster products from other companies as a modeler and the problems I had with their breakage as a manufacturer. Thanks for the advise and teaching me about another medium to use, I had not though of using ceramic. Cheers

Hi Jose,
Don’t worry, I was in no way offended or upset by your comment, I think it’s good to voice your concerns or even criticism.
The admin has also just contacted me and I think your comment was misunderstood by him.
I personally consider freedom of speech to be very important, so please don´t worry :wink:

Kind regards,