Russian based KV2 site

A few years back was working in a KV2 and found a reference site based in Russia (something that had info and photos of near every KV2 made. Anybody know what it is and if it still exists?

Maybe this one?

Quite a few photos listed under “Photo Material” (listed by specific tank corps)-


Nice try. One I remember was just kv2s by build #. Would have “No. ####” then 3 -4 or so photos and a history of the vehicle … built, units assigned to, fate.

Don’t know but that would be a cool site to check out. Have you asked Neil at 4BO Green, he may know?

This isn’t by build number but by an arbitrarily index number assigned by the site owner.

He’s got around 125 of the 180 made, so a pretty good survey of the type.


Again, maybe not the one you are looking for but many photos of various red tanks-


Thanks, Kurt.That’s the ticket! :slight_smile: And thanks for the other 3 leads. They are proving helpful too.

Thanks Kurt, Thats the one. I’l WRITE it down this time. ('Course by the time my puter crashes again I probably wont be able to find the paper I wrote it on… )