Russian F O D Blower. Mostly scratch built

While waiting on some stuff to dry on the MAZ 537, I’m working on scratching the F O D Blower . Still need to finish the front casters , bumper mount and all the plumbing and wiring.


Very good scratch building!

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@taylorrl . Thanks Rick

oh. that’s loads of fun. Well done.

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@Mousemuffins . Thanks Craig. still much to be done.

I thought you were insane when you said you were going to build this and I’m happy to see I was right.

That is a spectacular collection of evergreen you’ve got going there Chris. Can’t wait to see the truck.

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@Canmedic Don here is a preview of it on the trailer , and yes I am insane .
I wish the pics showed the small details


Pretty cool Chris. I have been planning something similar for couple of years now. I saw a documentary on YouTube where US soldiers using a 6x6 deuce and a half and what I think was an F-86 engine to clean runways. I have not started it yet but I did purchase a 1/24 deuce. Just need time. Here is a pic that I snapped of my TV so it’s not very clear but gives you an idea what I mean…


@Stryker45. That will be a cool one to do

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The insanity continues with the fod. Casters and wiring are in place now.
Next up is the chains and binders.
@Canmedic. Don here is some more craziness for you…lol


I love it!

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Fantastic piece of work- a real oddity brought to life.

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Put some wings on it, and they’ll have it flying in no time ! :rofl:



Just Awesomeness Chris!! So looking forward to seeing this entire project unfold.

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@SgtRock @Namabiiru @Karl187 .
Thanks for the encouragement guys. It is allot of fun seeing a bizarre piece come together.