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Paracel Miniatures will release new 3D printed figures soon.

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Love the action poses!

Those sailors will look great with Takom AK-130.

I hope they do some U.S. sailors for those 1/35 gun turrets Takom is making.

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Need scale strip decals for the telnyashka please


They will look good with the AK-130, but even better with the Tiger Model Shmel Class Patrol Boat, which is actually the turret that is shown in Paracel’s 3D drawings.

I don’t disagree but I have the AK-130 on hand and probably won’t get the nice looking patrol boat.

In general, I think it would great to have figures climbing up the hand holds on the Takom turrets for maintenance or painting. Great way to help give a sense of scale and not take up extra space. Right now I don’t there is any naval figures in 1/35 scale in those poses.

The Italeri PT-109 crew has a guy painting and one carrying a bucket but nobody climbing up hand holds.

U-models has one sailor climbing up hand holds but he is german and supposed boat is a type XXIII sub…