Russian underside blue

I need a russian underside blue. i want to mix my own and have rlm 76 and 65 on hand along with azure blue and some different shades of us blue grey. can i use any of these as a base to mix an early war russian underside blue and what to add to them. i have a gunze blue i was thinking i could mix with the 76 or 65 but my limited knowledge of russian colors means i have no reference to the shade.

Thanks, Joe

According to what Massimo Tessitori mentioned on my Stormoik build a while back;
“…the paint was named AMT-7 and is a darker and more saturate blue. It should be close to Humbrol 89, maybe a bit faded.
Blue-greens could be a match for large metallic bombers, but the Il-2 was a mixed construction plane.”


Hope this helps?

Jan :beers:

yes it does, thanks jan