Rye Field Models - Kits With Full Interiors

Hi everyone, Happy New Year.

I’m currently building the RFM Panther G with full interior. Its a fantastic kit, but i’m encountering a problem that i wondered might not not just be me.

The ‘problem’ (if it is a problem) is that most of the fits are of the interference type - in other words, pieces almost click together without the need for adhesive. This is okay, but the level of detail in the kit mean that it is almost impossible to construct a stage and then paint it. So, i have been painting individual sub-assembles and then putting the stages together. however, the fits are so tight that even a few microns of paint on a join meant that parts do not go together easily, and i’ve spent a lot of time filing/sanding and basically ‘doctoring’ parts so that once painted, they will actually go together.

Is this a problem with all RFM kits that include full interior detail? How do you get round it?

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Sounds like a very nice kit.

Sometimes putting liquid mask over the edge/area to be joined to prevent paint adherence can help with this sort of issue. After the subassembly is painted peel the liquid mask from area where the interference fit is located. I’ve done that on other models on occasion.