Ryefield Type 82E progress

Finally got around to painting this one. Straight OOB.

Not much in the way of color instructions for the interior, so I winged and painted the seats and door panels black with field gray handles on the doors. Went with clear headlights since my idea was for this vehicle to be a staff car of sorts. Still need to do detail painting on the engine and underside, maybe a little chipping around the fenders and bumpers, nothing heavy.

We’ll see.


Nice job.
Its a fun model.
I’m surprised there aren’t more AM additions for it besides wheels.

I think it would benefit from a PE update to give if hinges for the doors and hood/trunk, maybe a more detailed engine compartment. But in all honesty, there is not much to building this kit; it’s really simple.

I have been adding kits to my stash; mainly soft-skin vehicles; I bought the Tamiya Schwimmwagen type 166 to compliment this and my other Kubelwagen. :slight_smile:

I agree, especially with the hinges

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