Ryefield Type 82E

Wanted to share some pics of my most recent build; the Type 82E variant of the Kubelwagen in 1/35 scale by Ryefield Models.

In short; is a very nice model. Almost no seams to deal with. Crisp and clean body lines with very nice details. Options for either open or closed hood and hatch, with nicely detailed air-cooled engine, plus spare tire and Jerry can. Tire options include both road and sand tires. i think replacing the regular tires with DEF Model weighted tires would be a plus, but the stock tires are nicely detailed.

It’s a very nice model and look forward to completing it.


Looks well sharp. One question though. Has the steering box still to be fitted or has it got the magic steering like so many other VW models seem to have?


Still has the “Magic steering stick”. steering wheel and steering column that goes into the ether.

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Very nice. I see it even has the correct roller pedal for the accelerator.

This reminds me of my very first car, a 1957 VW Type 1 with a split window and roller pedal.

I’ve got one of these in the stacks. This is a good looking kit, even with the deleted steering box.

BIG improvement from the CMK Type 82s


These are indeed a masterpiece model kit. I built one up and was very happy with it BUT…I did notice that there were some injector pin marks under the engine cover that I didn’t take care of and they are painfully obvious. I may take the cover back off and try to correct these.

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Other than that it came out great and was a very fun build.

I haven’t installed the bonnets or the doors, since I’ll be painting those separately, then install them. I’ll be correcting those asap.

My current problem is the real license plate, after i cut and sanded it, it took a dive into my carpet and it’s currently MIA. Gotta find it before i get frustrated and make one out of sheet styrene. :confused:

I will most likely build it with the doors and bonnets open, then add a mechanic from the Tamiya Field Maintenance team set and make it into a diorama of sorts.


More updates on the Type 82E.

With the holidays upon us, I’ll have to put this one together before I head out for family holiday in Texas.