S300PMU detailed photos

Hello all,

I have recently have been getting back into the hobby and have gone big, building Trumpeter “S300PMU SA-10 Grumble”. The problem is that there is a lack of pictures available, particularly close up pictures showing wiring and the likes.

I have noticed that there should be cables connecting various equipment in the center, however I cant figure out what each should be connected to.

Any pictures and/or descriptions would be massively welcomed.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you know PrimePortal walkaround?

And two more:


Thank you so much for the links, I have used Prime Portal many times in the past however my specific vehicle was not found.

I was thinking about these wires, evidently can see where they start … but not where they end :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s another walkaround I’ve just stumbled across while searching for something totally different (as usual…) :



Thank you so much for all the help, that link is grand. There are way more wires and connections than I previously thought. :stuck_out_tongue: