Sabot Publications M60A3 Vol. 2?

Greetings one & all,

I, I’m sure like many of you, have a number of Sabot Publication excellent publications, including their M60A3 Vol. 1. The word Vol 1 suggests there is a vol. 2? I’ve done a Google search, I do find a photo of the cover on PMMS. I’ve checked several well known hobby venders, but no joy, can’t find any trace, mention rumor or review!? Has anybody seen Vol. 2??? Inquiring minds and personal library shelves want to know. TIA.


From what I understand when they stopped publishing all remaining stock was sold to Sprue Brothers , so no vol.2.

Thank you Sean,makes sense…I seem to forgotten that Sabot ceased to publish, thats a sham. As PMMS had a picture of the Vol. 2 cover, one wonders, was the vol published, or was the cover simply a PE photo of “things to come.” Guess we’ll never know.
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