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Sabre JLTV M1278 kit will include several resin, metal and 3D printed upgrades.

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These must be designed for the I Love Kits offering? B/c I don’t see that much value added if you get the RFM kit.

This is a full kit on its own.

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Ah, OK. That makes more sense. More the merrier. Thanks, Carlos.

I’ve never heard of this company before.I will just have to wait and see the sprue shots and build up of it.RFM I think might be the better kit just from a history standpoint.

They are not new. Their previous kits have mostly been 1/35 train cars.

Thanks, just had a look.I guess we will have to wait and see.It does look interesting though

I have built only one kit from Sabre, their SSyms train flatcar, and it was one of the best kits I have ever built, if not the best. Instructions are a gem, perfectly clear, with photos of the real flatcar, fit was excellent so as accuracy and detail. If they have put the same effort in this JLTV, I trust it is going to be absolutely worth.

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So we will get 4 JLTVs in 1/35 now?

1 from RFM
1 from this Sabre brand
1 from I Love Kit
1 from Trumpeter (which looks different from I Love Kit with more additional parts and RWS, with M2 50 cal looking like crap): HobbyEasy | M1278A1 JLTV

We live in good times for sure.

Disregarding any accuracy issues, the Deluxe Edition of the Sabre kit is definitely the best value for the money. Purchasing the Rye Field kit plus their upgrades will end up being double the cost of the Sabre kit which already has everything in the box, and I expect a similar situation buying the Trumpeter/ILK versions since these are already more then the Sabre kit without purchasing any extras.

So Sabre represents the cutting edge …?


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From HobbyEasy in Hong Kong…

$41.15 USD Pre-order from HobbyEasy…

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Pre-ordered my kit today!