SAS Land Rover Crew & Stowage, 1991 | Armorama™

Andy Cairns from AC Models shares images of his latest figure release. The set depicts SAS operatives in the heavy laden Land Rover during the first Gulf War.

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This looks like a useful set but who makes the Landrover? Doesn’t look like AA’s 110 and isn’t the Hobbyboss kit.

Regards Jason

I’ve read the set is based on Accurate Armour 009 kit, which is SAS Land Rover 110 DPV.


The problem with the AA DPV is that the tyres (Michelin XCL 9.00 x 16)are for the DPVs sent to Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq in 2000,2001 and 2003, not the Continental 9.00x16s used in 1991.

Also the roll bar behind the front seats appears a bit on the low side.