Say goodby to Ft. Knox

Had this sent to me on Facebook:

Knox is all but gone now.

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Its still quite busy, just not the home of Armor.

Breaks my heart.

Hugh Mills
Armor OCS 1967
5th Recon Squadron (M114) 1968
Armor Advanced Course 1972
Air Cavalry Commanders Course. 1975
ROTC Command 1980

All at Knox-Forge the Thunderbolt!

Remember your visits to the old Heart of America chapter meetings in Independence sharing your Vietnam experiences. Hope all is well with you.

it’s all politics. Ten years from now they’ll be spending billions down there to bring it back.

Hey Gary. All is well with me. Still in KC.

Every post I served at is gone or downgraded - Ft. Dix is now Reserves, Ft. Devens is a Superfund site, Sheridan Kaserne is an office park while Gablingen Kaserne belongs to the Germans - and Vint Hill Farms Station is a housing and office development.

It was all about tank gunnery ranges. We outgrew Knox.

Knox is still being used heavily by the Guard for gunnery.

Or worse, building a new place from scratch!

The U.S. Treasury’s Gold Reserve is still there so it still needs a mechanized force nearby to protect it.

I was stationed there from 1988 to 1992. My one son was born there in Ireland Army Hospital back in 1991. What a shame.