Scale Scotland 2022 (Edinburgh(

so who is going to this event today (Saturday)

Take a lots of photos and share :grin:

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oh, i plan to!

if you see a sad middle aged man wearing a Panther tank t-shirt, feel free to say hello.


Hope it goes well.

I’m middle aged too… if I live to be 140.

ok here comes the pictures, no particular order other than when i took them.


round 2


Some really nice builds there. Was there a good turnout of viewers and vendors ?

well it’s the first time the show has bern on in 3 years but they did ok about 85-90% as good as the last show in pre-covid 2019.


Nice, great to see the pics David, thanks for posting them. Really wanted to be there but up just outside Forres a few hours north digging this weekend. What was the sci-fi comp turnout like?

Nice models there! Since I don’t get to go to these events… thank’s for the “home delivery!”


sci-fi was really thin on the ground this year, i have seen a lot better in the past

@justsendit you are welcome mate, happy to help.


Great pics David- awesome to see such high quality pieces!

Wow, some wonderful builds there. Heavy presence of modern armor there…nice.

Btw, I hope you won’t mind me borrowing your pic as I am curious to what is in the back of this truck? Do you more pics of this…


nope sorry, that’s the only picture i took of that vehicle.

Some sort of portable decontamination tanks on the rear …or with the image of Saddam in the background, something more nefarious ?

Your guess is as good as mine. I have never soon anything like it before.

Wonder if it’s was a Iraqi military porta potty…it’s a decontamination vehicle.

“They check in, but they don’t check out.”

:laughing: so true.

As you can see, @Johnnych01 was spot on- it is a decontamination unit.