Scalemates traders question

i see on scalemates that there people on there that offer to trade or swap kits, has anyone used this option on here and how reliable is?

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I have used it once as I recall and that sale was good. Like anything it will probably work out but there is always a few bad apples.


well that’s a good start, thanks Ryan i appreciate the help!

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I’ve bought and sold some items there. So far, no bad experiences for me yet.


Is there a designated trade/buy/sell thread on here? I see occasional posts to that end, but I didn’t pay attention to whether they were in a specified section.

Not any section I recall but on the individual products themselves.

If by “here” you mean Kitmaker (rather than Scalemates) the answer is yes - just click the K forums red logo at top-left of your screen and scroll down the list of forums til you get to the Buy/Sell/Trade one.

But if you mean on Scalemates then I haven’t seen one…

You can look at an individual member’s profile, and there is a for sale/trade tab you can see what they’re selling. Or if you’re looking at a particular item, down in the “marketplace” sub header, it will show what members, if any, have it listed for sale/trade, as well as who has it in their stash. Some folks have hit me up on that asking if I would part with this or that item, even if it’s not listed as for sale.

@Tank_1812 @Stikpusher i have sent a message to someone on scalemates, do i receive a message from them on that site or does go to my email address?

Both (depending on settings)……the message is stored on the site, similar to here. There is an email sent to your registered account that you have mail, similar to here again, however you cannot see the content of the email like you can here. That was my experience and may vary depending on site settings.

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Basically, you can read the message on scalemates, David(you need to be logged in to do that).

Bear in mind it might take some time till you get your request answered, depending on how frequently the member you wrote to visits the site.

I’ve bought a couple of kits from scalemates members and there were several occasions when shipping charges too high prevented deals from taking place.

Just bear in mind- trading with a Scalemates member is a transaction between you and the seller and Scalemates does not carry any responsibility should something go wrong.
Clear all questions(postage, payment, is kit unopened e.t.c.) before you pay any amount.



Yup, the message is sent like a PM here or on other sites. The receiver should get an email notification of a message in their PM in box.

@ayovtshev @Stikpusher @Tank_1812 thanks for your help. i will give the guy a few days to respond and see what happens.

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