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3D Printed resin kit from

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Why does this look like a 15mm gaming piece?

It is a 1/72 model kit

Hi George
I’m sure you’re right about all your technical considerations. I apologize for those mistakes.
However, there are many ways to explain your opinions; is not mandatory to be rude and to humiliate other people’s work, it’s called education.


Don’t worry about me, my education is enough and even maybe more than enough but it looks you’re still in the primary school if judging from your “models”.

I think you are very rude, especially for someone who is only registred for 7 hours, and has only this post…
Sofar noone on this site has been riduculed for the way his models look, and it is nowhere stated that models should look 100% acurate.
@Valentin_DrumsandCra : just ignore that guy, I think it looks great! Even if certain things are inacurate, which I have no nolige of, seeing I build models too the way I like them to be, regardles if it is historicly correct.


No, you’re a goof and that attitude isn’t welcome here. Judging by the fact that your account isn’t even a day old I’m also guessing you’re here just to stir the pot.

Do us all a favour and crawl back under your rock.

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I’ll given Obnoxious George some time to reconsider.
Otherwise I can lift his rock high and bring it down hard.
Thanks for contributing!


No, I’m not a novice here but forgot my user name and password, that’s why I used my FB account.
Well, if you like to enjoy such masterpieces and to part with your money for them take a look here:



Buddy chill out for goodness sake, @Valentin_DrumsandCra is doing something really cool by showing us what 3d printers can do. Is it perfectly in scale or accurate? Probably not, but how many of us can claim that we are so skilled?

Making a 3d model that can be turned into a kit like this, the decals, the instructions etc all takes loads of time and effort, so if you feel this way, why not build this kit and make a guide for how to spruce it up? Or something along those lines, it’s not nice to see people bashing on other people’s hard work if they aren’t going to contribute to making it better.

@Valentin_DrumsandCra it’s probably a stupid question before I go on your website anyhow, but do you/do you plan on selling the Scammell independently of the tank? nevermind, not only is there a Scammell, there are CMPs(!)

(Btw sorry in advance, I’m not trying to stir the pot here, I’ll happily take this post down if so requested)


Does George remind you guys of anybody? Just sayin’.


I love it! Where can I buy one?

@George_Phillips comeon dude if your gonna complain about historical inaccuracies look at my builds…

Plus it looks close enough for me :thinking:

I’ve been looking for this CMP in kit form for a while, time to unleash it on the Canadian Campaign

Hi all
Thank you for your support, my models may not be as accurate as historical standards require, but it’s not easy to be that accurate. For example, the door of a 1/72 scale truck would be so thin that it could break easily, consequently the width must be oversized.
DennisatAutoloader: you can find at drumsandcrates not only the Scammel truck standalone but even the CMP towing truck for your project; maybe the crane is not the same model as seen in your picture but is a hand crane used by the allied forces.
Panzer_modeler: you can find and purchase it at


The big difference is here:

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Mirror makes one in 1/35 if you can find it

I’ve tried for a while, if I recall correctly Wings and Wheels had one some time ago, but last I saw it was out of stock