Schwerer Panzerspähwagen 1:48

This is an old Bandai Schwerer Panzerspähwagen in 1:48 scale which
I recently finished, built OOB with the addition of minor stowage. The
tools were replaced with finer detailed ones and the jerry can on rear fender got a rack and strap. Added antenna cable.
Painted with Tamiya acrylics, weathered with W&N oils and a dusting
of pastel chalk and a final coat of Vallejo flat varnish.
Hope you enjoy and all comments welcome.


The old Bandai kits were awesome for their time.

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Hi Tom,
Thanks for looking and comment…yes they are great kits… some
fine details like tools and jerry cans are off but those get replaced
with better ones.

Hey Joe,
You really are doing an incredible job on all of these venerable Bandai kits. When I started modeling 50 years ago, I built Monogram 1/48 planes and ran through the entire line. Then as a pre-teen I set my sights on the Bandai kits. Your builds sure bring back happy memories!
Your results are really excellent. The finish and detail are wonderful. Fantastic job! :+1:

I know where there is a rather large collection of unbuilt Bandai kits. Pretty much the whole line if I recall correctly.

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for looking in. Years back I remember buying my first Bandai kits
for $1.99 ea.(early 70s) now look at their price on Ebay. I was lucky to
have bought a collection a few years back to add to my Tamiya and
Italeri line of 1:48 kits as I model armor primarily in that scale.
They are a lot of fun and not all that bad. Their only downfall are some
of the details like tools and terrible jerry cans and of course some kits
have terrible tracks, others are not bad but I get around that by replacing
those items.
They also have some unique kits that are not found in others lines.
Thanks again for your comments,

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I’m loving the look of this classic kit

Hi David,
Thanks for liking.

Love these old Bandais. I don’t have every one but I’ve got most of them, even some of the old figure and accessory sets.

Once I clear a few projects, I will start my Bandai 1/24 Tiger II and Panther.

Hi Fred, Thanks for looking in. Yes these are great little kits for the most
part and fun to build. In the end, they stand up well to modern offering.
Their only downfall is when it comes to tracked vehicles, the tracks are
in need of replacement and most of them have AM tracks available to

Here is the Bandai 1/24 Panther G I finished for my father a couple of years ago. He started it back in the 70’s. And doesn’t build anymore but likes to collect WWII German armor. So I stole the kit, finished it and gave it to him for Christmas. Just straight out of the box. I had to fight hard to finish it OOB and not weather it. I can’t do that. Lol. It’s huge. Not as big as his 1/15 Bandai Hummel however.


Hi Tom,
Wow! Beautifully done! Man, I can understand not weathering it. I am a weatherer but understand the appeal off ‘off the showroom floor,’ too. I know your dad must be thrilled with it.

Did you build the interior? I plan to although I don’t think I’ll go beyond OOB - fighting Advanced Modeler Syndrome and want to enjoy these models while I still can.

You old enough to remember The Squadron back when they were a combination model magazine/catalogue? I have their issues with the Bandai 1/24 Tiger II and Tamiya 1/25 Centurion. I built the Centurion some 45 years ago but the Tiger II always escaped me - until a decade ago I found one.

Yes the interior is in it. I didn’t get any pictures of that.

I had Squadron Vol 1 issue 1. So yes. I actually sent it to squadron for their archives after contacting them to see if they were interested in it. Seems that they never thought about keeping a copy for themselves. They were thrilled to get it.

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