Sci-Fi and Alternative history campaign X

I decided not to paint my figure’s body armor pink and instead opted for Tamiya’s translucent Blue Metallic as something unique in color. I want a “Candy blue coating” so according to the “How To” YouTube video on the Blue Metallic review, I needed to spray Flat Black first to achieve this. Thus, I masked the head and sprayed Tamiya Matt Black.

The next step is to spray Tamiya Blue Metallic.


Hang on - the manufacturer actually put that on display? Wow - talk about bad publicity…

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Yep…in the big scheme of things it is hidden inside the outer section, but still looks bad being on display like that.

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I was able to make some headway on the anti-g service rig last week. I added four anti-g units, one on each corner, and a big prop on the rear for thrust:

I added all sort of extra bits - and if time and weather allow, maybe some paint tomorrow!



I finished spray painting Tamiya’s light blue metallic over the Tamiya flat black to produce the shiny “candy coating” that I so desire. I am happy with the results even though the gusty wind kind of made uneven coverage when spraying. Still, it looks realistic enough to show an armored suit that isn’t shiny in all areas.

Next is to paint the face, hair, and guns black along with detail painting.


That blue is nice really pops out :+1:


T-70 on the bench. Will be done as the McQuarrie Concept art that the House of Mouse used.


Nick, Excellent scratch building work! Fantastic details.

Peter, beautiful metallic look! There does not seem to be any irregularities in coverage from what I see on the pictures.


@Johnnych01 @SGTJKJ Thanks for the compliments!

I am a sucker for futuristic armored fighting suits that aren’t Ma.K SF3D. The ETSY 3-D printed female figure is single print and comes with a lot of body armor straps. However, the straps aren’t well pronounced as bas-reliefs so it makes the armor appear “paper thin.” Thus, I’m going to keep most of the straps light metallic blue instead of painting them a different color.

The photos show that she has straps all over and to define each and every one with a different color, and the armor pieces, would mean that she just has armor covering 50% of her body which isn’t what I want.


Moebius kits mate


Nick, don’t forget the work lights and an amber flashing strobe on the cabin roof.

Cajun :crocodile: