Scratchbuilding the FV434

While waiting for my FV432 to delivered, I started converting the crane.

I found the crane from Academy Fitter kit, but it needs some mods to make a correct Britsh crane.


Some progress. I managed to convert the hull using 1mm plastic sheet. Some sanding is needed before I can get into details.


Another ambitious project. Looking good thus far. :+1: :+1:

Good luck on this one :+1:
Will follow with interest.


following with interest as well !

Nice start I’ll follow along please😀

Seeing the white stuff has me tagging along too.

Nice job so far

No real progress today. I noticed that I build the hull too short, had to tear it apart and build new. Aaaah the joy of scratch-building. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also added the riggers hatch and the hull access hatch.


Looking good. Nice work so far.

For members in Germany and Europe, I found a cheap and relaible shop for profiles,strips and much more stuff for modelling. Just placed a 50€ order for Evergreen profiles.

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Plans for the cargo area ? a spare pack or will you do a penthouse crew shelter covering it ? or left open ?
And looks nice so far.

Hi John,
this issue is not yet decided. I see when I finish the model.

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I think I can safely say i’ve never seen one without the canvas shelter on the back. I’ve certainly never seen one carrying an engine. The REME Bedford always carried the spares.

Nope, pretty much the Herfy yellow handbag party wagon lol

Haha yeah, its a big thing getting an invite to the REME wagon haha.

As an aside I always thought that a modified FV 434 would be the ideal platform for the nuclear Blue Water (a missle replacement from the early 60s which true to the loss of British self-confidence at the time and the usual self-flagellation, was cancelled). If it had come to fruition we would never have had to purchase Lance of course.

Just an aside I assure you(!)

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But you were right, I have also never seen one carrying a pack for an armoured Sqn. Always with the penthouse up.

Found this great site with all kind of technical manuals for the FV430 series.

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Yesterdays progress.

Toolbox and crane base.

Rear hull access door and towing pintle
Test fit of the crane (non movable)

Mighty weapon in surface finishing - the Schleifschwamm

Slower progress next days since I wait for my Architekturbedarf shipping.