Scratchbuilt sci-fi hoverbike No. 4

So, time for my fourth bike.
This one was more or less finished when I posted no. 3 but it lacked some detailing and figure.
I wish I had more pics from the build but atleast I can show you some from making the rider.

This one is some sort of utility/workhorse-bike made for hauling stuff.
In Sweden we call it a “flakmoppe”. I guess it translates to a “flatbed moped”…

And then a few from when building the vehicle.
I started with a couple of tubes for rehydrating tablets and some pens and various stuff I sourced from old lamps and other electrical appliances.

The figure is made from a standard armaturewire. Eyeballing a figure sounds great at first but when it´s too late to change anything, you find out that measuring is the way to go…
The head is too big, legs are too short with the knee just above the ankles and other Leprechaun-ish features.
Well… maybe next time.

The base is made from Super Sculpey and then the detailed outerlayer is made from Magic Sculpt.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did building it.
All critics are welcome and very much appreciated.
The next one is already in the pipe.


Another great scratch build Snakey… I would be super happy if I was even to get close to doing a figure like that … :+1::+1:


I second John’s comments.

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An amazing build. Lots of details and very nice paint finish.

I like the rider. He’s got character!

Looks brilliant to me, I try to do this kind of thing and it just looks wrong, yours look functional and believable. I think its bloody brilliant.


Hey, it is a sci-fi model. Coming from Science side this is A) or from the far future or b) from the far-far Bndkfjsdf-A891XX planet. One or the other, the human being capable riding this vehicle (coming from Fiction side) A) could suffer many mutant DNA thrread or B) would be only HumanOid like form of life.
So I do not see why the figure would have “too big head and too short with knee just above the ankles and other Leprechaun-ish features”.


Haha, when you put it like that, Tamás, it makes a little bit more sense.
He is obviously a very intelligent biker with such a big head.

Thank you all for those kind words.