Scratching Hoses

Does anybody have any ideas on making ribbed hoses? I thought of wrapping plastic rod with very thin wire and then filling that with paste or something, but that seems like a lot of work. Is there something I am not thinking that is already like a miniature hose? Or an easy method to make them?

try small springs or wrap wire around something flexable like solder


Guitar strings work great. I believe it is the lower notes that are wrapped wire. My daughter plays and gives me her old strings when she changes them out.


I will have to look around, but I think there might be some ribbed hoses but not sure of the scale. Until that here is some ideas. Quick Tip : Making coiled handset cable - #11 by Tank_1812


@mogdude hit it dead on. Once you have the wrapped wire you can coat it with PVA, masking fluid, Mr. Surfacer, etc. to fill it out before you paint.

For hollow ribbed hoses, simply slip the inner wire or rod form out of the coil. Do this before you add any coating or you might glue the coil to the form.

You can even “distress” these by using masking fluid and picking the fluid partially away before painting to create the look of a fabric covering having ripped / torn away from the underlying hose.

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thanks for the added info I will try it on my next hose

Thanks. I did go with wrapping wire around a rod. Filling it with some thick glue.


Another option would be checking out aftermarket stuff designed for car kits. Here’s an example :


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Good tips on this. I’m learning as well. Frenchy, that looks like an effective product worth looking in to

Here’s what I came up with. Thanks for all the replies. The hose is at the very top. The other thing is a wire that attaches to the Grimes light. When I install the windshield I will add more of the pipe since it goes from the ceiling down the middle of the windshield.