Sd Kfz 251 / 16

Thinking of adding a 251/16 to the stash. Anybody know where in the division they were assigned? I thought I read somewhere they were put with the Engineers and farmed out as needed.

Yep, it was an engineers vehicle in armoured divisions. However, the mechanised regiment of the two Panzergrenadier regiments (i.e. the one with one battalion of infantry in Sdkfz251s) had a couple in the Pionerekompanie. This was one of the additional heavy weapons companies at regimental level (infantry gun, Flak etc).

As a nod to those of us who don’t know all the various iterations on the 251 please consider adding a representative photo or a box art image to your opening post.
Yes, I know I can do a search and look it up but a photo would be immediately more informative and educational to all us “newbies”.

Thanks - so a flame thrower install in the basic 251.

Back end stripped, 2 tanks for the flame thrower added (700 liter each) Pump system and power source for it, 2 x 14mm flame throwers. (early versions had a 3d smaller flame thrower for use outside the track.) / (stroke) number indicates a major (factory) mod. 251 Stuka zu Fuss was a standard /1(troop carrier) with launchers for 280mmor 320mm rockets bolted on. Could stitch back to a trooper in probably 30 minutes , hence no new /#.

Honestly, thanks for all that extra (and educational) info!