Sd.Kfz. 251/22 Pakwagen from Das Werk | Armorama™

Das Werk gives us a sneak preview of their upcoming 1/16 scale Pakwagen.

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Looks nice. Wish Das Werk would come out with a 250 as well. I wonder what happened with the Puma that was previewed?


I’m sure the Puma is on the way as well, but the 251/22 is easier to produce since 75% is already done with the base SdKfz.251. And of course, once they have the Pak 40, I expect the SdKfz.234/4 will be next. After that, I could easily foresee the 251/9 and Sdkfz 234/3 as these will again be quite simple to do with the base kits already done, and being able to get two kits out of the L/24 gun.

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Let’s not forget a possible 234/1! :slight_smile: That then leads to a potential 222…I guess it goes on and on. In the end, I’m sure it’ll be a market-based decision for whichever kit seems most likely to be successful.

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And, the option of a towed Pak to put behind the 251 already released.

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Looks like Gecko will beat Das Werk to the table with this one…

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At the rate affordable 1/16 kits of good subjects are coming out now, I may not return to 1/35 for some time. This fits my declining vision and finger control. Let it rain.


Affirm, lets hope someone - maybe Jeff SHIU - puts out a crew for it, too. Really left field stuff here, someone releases an RSO in 1/16 to drop this onto…

Right there with you!
The larger parts are so much easier to work with. Getting old sucks, but at least my favorite hobby is keeping up.

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Yep, it sure does.