Sdkfz.222 Airfix 1/76

Hi all. Weridly I remember starting a topic for this model but I couldn’t find it. This one is, as you may guess, a very old kit (I had a diferent boxing whenI was a kid in the 80’s) with really unflattering details…or lack there of. I was slowly building this for close to a decade now. That is not continuously of course. I have this horrible habit of hangar queening each and every kit I own. Anyways; after an eager rush of trying to finish it up with an eye catching camouflage, I started with rudimentery interior details…enough to be observed from the slits of the turret.


I remember this kit. Nice camo. My first attempt at this was around '93 and the second time I build it was coupple years back. I collect and build old Matchbox, Airfix and Esci armour, but I dont make any enhancements, strictly OOB.

Next stop was, I realised the turret was a joke , thus scratched seats, inner structure and gunsight, nicked an MG34 from a Fujimi motorcycle. I also scratched up, admitedly not very expertly, the guard grills for the turret.


A few months fast foreward and here we are. Painted the interior buff(ish), coloured the armament and wheels, added the other parts, decals and a ton of dirt and muc on it. Done:}



I would love to build the nice oldies OOB but I am afraid some, like this one, are way too lacking in detail for my pride to process:}

Damn, thats looking really nice!

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Where is the fun in that! :rofl:

Just kidding. Nothing wrong with OOB at all. It is nice to see someone else that says they build Matchbox, not collect them.

I like to imagine what they could have achieved if they were still around and build them that way.


Whoooooohoooo! Heey! I like to build Matchbox kits too, that is if I can find them. Revell reboxings are not always that good. Matchbox is probably still my favourite kit producer and yes, they would be incredible. I am still amazed how detailed some of their kits were.

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Thank you:)

Search on eBay for some of the old ESCI or Aurora/ESCI kits. Most have very good detail and some of the post WWII items even have link and length tracks.
And now for some subjects, 72nd resin tracks are available to replace the hideous rubber band tracks.

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Alas I live in Turkey. Ebay is a real problem here due to Paypal bring banned here. I have a small stash of Esci kits thankfully. There is a Brumbär on the assembly line.


Italery has thankfully re-issued most of the Esci stuff and I build a coupple of the new kits, they are the same with better tracks. You can even use the old instructions to build them.


The Esci Hetzer takes me back. I built a couple of the first release ones back in the '70’s. Nice job on that one.

I know people who can’t put such detail on larger scales. Including myself. Noiiiicccccce!