Searching for hidden enemy - the Market Garden aftermath

Good evening, fellows! After the Market-Garden Operation a lot of misplaced german soldiers have to be found. That’s the situation to this 21st Anti-tank Regiment of the Guards Armored Division. This house-to-house search could be very dangerous, sometimes…
This is not a new work but a restored one. Hope you like it.
The Achilles is from AFV and the figures are a mix of many brands.

Thanks for watching!


That’s a nice one Gelson! /Erik

Hi Gelson,

A very nice little diorama, especially nice touches to the paraphernalia within the building, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:.

Is the building scratch-built?

Cheers, :beer:,


When I saw the little outhouse I was expecting a German soldier to be sitting inside doing his “business” :wink:
but he was hiding in the loft instead …

Yes! I love the concept. All kinds of nice details as well,

Good Morning fellows!
Thanks a lot for the kind words. I have some more pictures to show.

As I don’t have no one of that “dutch” type os tiles available I have to change to the Flanders foil ones on the building’ roof.


Very beautiful work and a very eye catching scene. Top work

excellent work thanks for sharing

Oh man! That tree is a beauty! Nice pictures! /Erik

Thank you to all of you for the comments, guys!

Sweet dio… What strikes me as odd, is that, though the situation is tense, the TD commander stands in the middle of the street without an weapon and asking to b shot…

The commander is, no doubt, a very dauntless man. Isn’t it? :upside_down_face:

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He certainly is…
If you ever need Dutch roof tiles: Juweela has them…

Hi, golikell! I have already purchased some of this nice dio accessories. But at the time of the building construction I had none. So, I decided for the Flanders type ones. The costs to be a modeller downhere is unafordable for an ordinary one, like me. So, we must plan every step carefully.
I have used some of the Juweela tiles over this wall.

Thanks for the tip!


Looking Good!!!

Very nice street corner diorama Gelson, great detailing.


Thanks a lot, G-man69! :+1:

Looks great! It’s always neat to see the Achilles being used as an ersatz tank :slight_smile:

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