Searchlight Cage for Meng Smerch

Hi, guys! I have returned.
I’m just about done with Meng’s 9A52-2 Smerch, and it’s had its ups and downs. The PE and I just didn’t get along. It seemed very brittle, and the PE designer did not work on the rest of the kit, to be sure.
Anyway, I made a mess of the cage that goes around the searchlight, and I thought I could find one on Shapeways. I have used them before, but I can’t hardly find anything Smerch-related on there. And do they have the worst search engine on the Net, or is it just me?
Any ideas where I could get a cage?
And can anyone point me in the direction of a good Smerch walkaround? I saw one here which was on the archived site, and it was helpful. But there aren’t too many out there, apparently.
Thanks for any help you can offer!