Semovente 75/18 scala 1/9 self-built

Hi everyone, I don’t know if this is the right section, however this is one of the 1/9 scale models I built myself. Made mainly of plastic, resin and metal. It was left unfinished to better appreciate the construction.


Excellent !

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Marino, that is phenomenal!
The level of detail is astounding, especially the engine.

That’s not impressive, that’s phenomenal!!!

Excellent work!

  • dutik

Outstanding! Amazing detail involved, I can see why you did not want to paint it.


This is a work of art plain and simple. One of the best I’ve ever seen!

Wow! Very nicely done.

Stunning scratch building. You’re right, it would almost be sacrilege to paint it.

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Thanks guys you are very kind … yes it’s true after almost four years of work I didn’t want to paint it. In addition to this model, I have always made the CMP in the same scale with Breda 20/65 always unfinished. While the Opel Blitz with flak and the SDKFZ 222 I painted them.
Hi Marino

Yeap, I totally agree- better to leave it like this to appreciate the craftsmanship. Stunning stuff!

very very nice!

Wow, what an outstanding work of art. Yes, better unpainted. Really shows the super detail.

Superbe réalition, amitié de Saumur…

Thanks guys, to you too.


Wow, super job!!!
The details of the model are outstanding!!!