SF Operators and Waffen SS from Airborne

Airborne Miniatures announced new figurines:
SF Operators
SF with M320
SF with SCAR
Waffen SS with Kar98k
Available in scales: 1/9, 1/16, 1/24, 1/35
Material: resin

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First off - very nice set, incredible detail, but I have to laugh. The SF guys remind me of something that happened in Iraq. A unpleasant man was in an adjacent room. He had survived not one, but two Hellfire missiles, and six hand grenades. As we were about to go out our door and into his, my other weapons guy Jeff G…son got his sling hung up on the door. Thankfully as it turns out - the guy threw a shot at us across our front.
Jeff backs up and says, “You go first. My gun’s f***ed up”, and proceeded to fiddle with his kit.
My wife refers to him as Jeff You Go First G…son. Wouldn’t you know he’s QRF at a nuclear disarmament facility?
I might have to get these guys just to recreate that scene…

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I take it these guys are printed? Or printed master for a mold, then cast?

Master was 3D printed. The figures are produced in resin.