Sherman "easy eight" track question

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My understanding is that the easy 8’s used in WW II used the t-66 single pin (scallop type) track. And the post war easy 8’s used the t-80 double pin (chevron type) track. My question, any possibility that some late war Shermans used the later type track?
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Yes, photos show some wartime HVSS Shermans with the twin pin tracks in 1945


You are the man. You not only answer the question but provide photographs. I have a Dragon kit that was to represent a Korean War version and has the later style tracks so now I know I can model and be accurate. Thank you so much for your help.
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You’re quite welcome Joe. Pictures or it didn’t happen :wink: I always like to post photos of examples whenever possible. I know which Dragon kit that you have. I’ve got their other E8 kit with the T66 tracks and add on armor plates in my stash to do one day.
I’m looking forward to seeing your E8 build here soon.

Hi Stikpusher,
I was more than willing to take your word for it, but I have seen some posts where someone answers a question and just because there is/are no photo(s) their answer is called in to question. Modelers can be a strange group (oops, did I say that out loud?) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
The kit I am referring to is the Korean War version with the flame thrower. It has the double barrels. One is the 75mm and the other the flame thrower. I used the turret for that kit on another project and replaced the kit turret with a T-23 turret so I was hoping I could use the kit tracks. They are very nice. The one piece with the individual guide teeth.
As far as seeing the kit finished please see my other post concerning started/unfinished kits. I’m much better at starting than finishing. Actually this is one of the unfinished kits that I decided to work on. I have several that are close to being ready for paint. Hoping I can actually get some work done and get a few finished.
Thank you again for your time and help.
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goood info
thank you!

I recall building a model of the Sherman crossing the river (as I recall it was the 11th AD in Austria in April '45), had to look for kit with proper tracks. So they were used in WWll. BTW, did you notice what looks like a Teddy Bear on the turret near the .50 mount?