Shermania 2024

Not sure if this helps Terry.

You may have already seen this ?


According to monograph: only 8 M4A4 FL10 should have been converted. They should all be powered with GM 6046 Diesel engine, so step 6 seems to refer to a normal M4A4 (Chrysler Multibank - petrol). Don’t know why they provide this pieces, unless the kit is a 2in1 and common 75 mm Sherman turret is also included. Anyway step 5 depicts the deck version with splash guard so it’s fine.
Combat vehicles with FL10 should have the smoke deflector installed.
Egyptian had some 50 Shermans of different types. The first pic from Nikos confirms that the engine swap program was extended to other marks.
Enjoy building


PS: the pic with camouflaged tank is absolutely intriguing! I hadn’t seen it before, so thanks for sharing. I have an Asuka M4A4 that would suit it fine!! :exploding_head: You got my kicks…


There is a video on youtube from a movie that they used Egyptian Sherman tanks I am trying to find it.

There is this short video walkaround from the ElAlamein museum

Edit: I found the movie, look from 1:23:00 onwards, FL10 shermans are painted grey to simulate German tanks


These are from the tank in Cairo Museum, taken during different dates

Original M4A4 rear hull with the exhaust overlapping the door


Few sub-assemblies for the turret including the .50cal machine gun and commanders cupola.

Aside from the main gun, which oddly the instructions leave until the end of the build the turret is essentially done. Lost one clamp pretty fast to the carpet monster. Fortunately the kit comes with two variants of the .50 cal machine gun supports so cut one off the spare. The loaders hatch won’t close cleanly, but I’ve left for now whilst I decide if I want to add figures and leave fully open. If not I’ll glue closed later.


Does the “vision” commander’s cupola rotate? I have always wandered whether it does or not… :thinking: :thinking:


The photo’s and the videos are a great help Nikos, thank you.

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Cracking picture John, and a great website. Lots in there about the FL10 turreted M4. Thanks>

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That’s very helpful, thank you Stefano!

And thanks again to everyone who has commented. What a great site ti get some good info!

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Resending last message. Broadcasting in the blind . . .

Two Questions:

  • Why has no plastic model company yet to take on the Sherman DD with folded wading skirts?

  • Why is it that the only Sherman we can get in plastic with the wading trunk stacks is the PTO Marine version?

Talk about a couple of distinctive vehicles that would make us need to buy even MORE Sherman kits!

No. It could be screwed down in one of six positions (matching locations of vision blocks) to change the direction the hatch opens, and the central part of the hatch (with the TC periscope) rotated.


Thanks for clarifying that, I need to keep that in mind because I was under the impression it did rotate. :saluting_face:


The earlier split hatch rotated!


I never understood why none of the six blocks looked straight ahead along the line of the main gun…

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Isnt the periscope on the cupola the same as the gunner’s? If yes would it be preferable to be able to use the periscope and not the simple glass block? So there is no point in having the blocks straight forward.

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What is probably just a personal preference / quirk / foible:

I always like my tank models to have some heft, some weight, to them.* I just don’t think something that is supposed to weigh 50 tons in real life should come up off the display table as a feather weight.

Therefore . . .

Also this is the first time I have ever felt the need to add any weight to the turret!
In this case however, since the AFV 90mm turret has no retainer cleats spaced around the bottom turret ring and just lifts straight off. I thought maybe some counter weights here to balance the weight of that long metal barrel might be useful.

*Besides I have what is probably a foolish hope that the model will sit just a little bit better on its’ tracks with all that extra heft.

Stuart. . . . . . . . . . . . . Scott:

Firefly . . . . . . . . . . Cast Hull Sherman:

As to my basic tank interiors; I always at least add a firewall and close up the sponsons. I don’t want a judge looking down past my figures and seeing a big dark hole where the engine should be or tank treads showing up through the inside of the fighting compartment. Also always a coat of basic semi-dirty white paint inside.


Why would that matter?

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Again, a personal foible . . .

Ron, Ever been in a bar and they serve you a full stein of beer and you think it is a heavy glass stein but it is really plastic and you end up almost throwing the beer in your face when first lifting it back?

That’s how I feel about my tank models. Anything that is supposed to be that heavy in reality should (IMHO) give you some bit of a surprise and even some resistance when/if you pick it up.

After all in 1/35th scale a 50 ton tank should still weigh in a 1.42 tons! That thought can give us some appreciation for just how much a real tank actually weighs.