Shermania 2024

i have started adding the chains to the mine roller for my DDay tank


What a fine job! And a lot of patience required as usual.
I also took some steps forward with the Sherman Krupp;
more details on the engine deck:

Some work around the hatches:

And the skirts adapted from plasticard, Tamiya and Italeri bits:

Overall I can say that sanding is the main activity of this project :joy:


95% huh - just waiting for the rabbit hole to strike, which is your usual course of action…


I finally started my build, an old Italeri M4A3 kit that I will be making as one of the first to see combat and participated in the Liberation of Paris in August 1944.

The real tank, that is included on the decal set

Yesterday at AMPS I kicked off this project. Based on the above photo, I replaced the kit spoked road wheels with some solid stamped ones by Dragon from my spares bin

I built the main gun first, as you can see from the above photo, I need to sand off the muzzle cap balance weight…
More to come in the near future…


Don’t forget to sand off the step in the barrel near the mantlet. These barrels were tapered, not stepped.

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Well done Carlos, glad you also like to revive oldies! And a nice subject :ok_hand:

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@JayJHCruz, yup… I know about the barrel step and will address that :wink:

@Steo77, thanks! And oh yes, I’m quite content with these older kits and dressing them up my own way. It’s lots of fun to me.


Muzzle brake and mantlet cover glued together.


It’s been a while since I built one of these (considering I have several in the stash along with conversions for them).

So, my sort of late entry is Meng’s Toon M4A1 with the RetroKit Calliope conversion.

Certainly not one of the more “traditional” Sherman builds, but it’ll still be fun - especially with the conversion.



Hey, it’s a Sherman and this is Shermania - and it’s a very cool entry!


Italeri kits do have a lot of inaccurate parts and to me seem a bit under scale to other brands but what amazes me is how identical how some parts are clones of dragon"s Sherman kits and how the parts are interchangeable

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In the early days of Dragon they used the suspension sprues from Italeri (presumably under license), hence the similarity. The Italeri ones are over a decade older than the first Dragon Shermans! (I built my first Italeri/Testors M4A1 in maybe 1979?)


@tanknick22, yup… Tom beat me to it. The early Dragon Sherman kits were all based off of the Italeri hull and suspension. And yes, they came out in the 70’s. At that time the only other 1/35 Sherman games in town were the ancient Tamiya M4A3E8 :nauseated_face: and the Nichimo small hatch M4A1, which was quite hard to find where I was… yes the Italeri kit has some under scale parts, but in its time, it was the best kit available.


Well, the time has now arrived… The Sherman is finished…

But first a back story…
As a CVRT Striker commander, we always used to go to Otterburn to fire our Swingfire missiles from the ATGW Range A.
Now the furthest target we would fire at was about 3700 to 3800m away, and that target was an old Sherman…
Over the years it was painted various colours, from green to white to what myself and my mate Jay painted in I think about 1995/96…
Sadly, A range is no longer used as a ATGW firing point, it now has another use… But doing this build brought back some fun memories…

These are in no real order, but I will do some closer detail ones at the end. Most are out door shots, but I will now add the dio build shots, then go back to the final images …

A photo frame base, with a raised balsa wood surround. Filled with florist oasis then that’s cut to shape, modelling plaster of paris poured over that then shaped and tracks, some rocks and the removed wheel station laid into that before it sets. Then painted with a standard art shop acrylic earth brown.
Then, PVA glue applied and real earth shaken over that.

After that, various styles and lengths of grass flock were applied, a few wild flowers, 6ft picket post with wire, and various size tufts of taller grass. Also put in 2 puddles using AK puddle resin, and drilled out 6 rabbits holes.
Now back to the finished item…

Sherman was painted faded AK olive drab, then a coat of white, then the yellow coat Jay and I did.
I have tried to do it from memory as best as I can… We only painted yellow the areas we could see through the sights, so some was left white, one side was not painted at all…so there is white showing through, yellow paint spills on the ground, and a rusty cold metal look to show decades of being out in the open…

And of course … The rabbits :grin:

And some close up shots.

The impact holes on the Sherman were done with 4 sizes of sowing needle then they were detailed in places with rust pigment here and there.
Rabbits were as I said very very nice and so well cast with great detail … they were painted Tamiya NATO brown or JGSDF brown xf72 then highlights dry brushed with Tamiya medium sea grey RAF xf83 …

We painted it yellow as we had snow forecast for the 2nd week we were up there as the year before, it was white, and it snowed and it was a pain trying to see the tank against a white backdrop…we used I can of standard yellow, and about 8 spray cans of yellow line marker…

Hope you enjoy it :+1:


Wow John, just…wow! That’s an excellent build! But are you suggesting your gunnery was accurate enough to hit it all those times? :grin:

PS: Love the bunnies - a great touch.


lol … cheers Tom, we were good, but not that good, all our missiles never penetrated … all SWINGFIRE fired in the UK are converted from live to practice, so they just hit and break up, all you usually see at the end on the range sweep were maybe new gouges or blackened areas if there was fuel left and it exploded against the target … The range was also used for Live MILAN, LAW, CG 84mm and 66m and at one stage it was used sometimes as an air to ground attack range - mostly helicopter.

However, I never missed it with a SWINGFIRE :grin: :+1:


That’s what I am talking about. :+1::+1:


Not to discount the model, but I really like those rabbits. For me, they make the scene :+1:


Okay. That IS cool! Any build that brings back a fond memory is totally awesome. It’s even better when you can replicate something from a part of your life. I dig it!



Thanks guys - appreciated :beers: