Shipping costs on Chinese orders

Curious…when (and if) US residents order from Chinese vendors (Aurora, Sunlight, Yanworld, etc…) on ebay, are you charged for shipping? I remember Trump placing tariffs on Chinese imports, and removing US from an international trade/postal agreement making the receiving country pay shipping charges to favor Chinese trade. Having a Canadian shipping address, and IP address, all prices shown (for me) are CAD (or US equivalent). Are US buyers charged more? I notice Chinese-manufactured model kits (which is most of them!) are much more expensive in US hobby stores, than buying them from Chinese ebay vendors. Wondering why someone would want to buy 100 USD kit (plus shipping) from a US hobby store when the same kit is available for 60 - 70 USD direct from China.
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Good question. I don’t pay any more than the listed shipping (usually no to minimal charge).

Several eBay vendors from China don’t charge shipping. I’m sure they make up for it in the price, but I don’t notice exorbitant markups. Although shipping is literally via slow boat from China. Most of the folks I deal with give me great deals if I buy three of the same item, or two sets of three, etc. It must save them a tremendous amount on shipping.
I just made two fairly expensive purchases from Ukraine. Fairly expensive because of what they are, not because of markup. Free shipping!

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I have an order en route from Ukraine. Plastic Models Store via Amazon. The price was the same as elsewhere but they had it available. No shipping charges but it was ordered Dec 17 and not expected until Feb. 7. No shipping update since Dec 23.