Shizuoka Hobby Show 2023 Japan Contest and New Kit Announcements

Courtesy of TheModelingNews.

New kit announcements

Contest photos


Some interesting kits - looks like something for everyone
But what is it about Japanese model companies and Manga girl/women figures?
The young(?) girl in the Playboy Bunny suit ,to me, was pushing it.
Did they have “behind the front” tables like they do at the CES convention for “adult media” for the “very” adult figures? Japanese hobby stores are the only ones that sell “X” rated models.
I know, X rated figures have been around for some time, Mascot Models anyone, but the apparent age of the female figures from Japanese companies is troubling.

While I am not really well versed in it , much of the “Anime” scene strikes me as being a little “ kinky “ …