...should I move all my builds from the old site onto the new site?

Ezra sent the following email to me; I thought it might be an issue of general interest:

Hi Ezra,

I’ve been considering the same issue myself. Should I repost the pages so far on my Hatsuzuki build (thirteen of them!) or just pick it up where I left off? Those who haven’t been following on the old site might be ignorant of the progress so far as they pick it up on the new site.

Since you are “only” four pages into your (very nice) Gato build, you might consider reposting them on the new site to create a continuous build story as you proceed. As time goes on it will make the build log a better resource for people to refer to as we stop using the old site.

Either way, I look forward to your progress with the Gato!


What do you all think?

I’ve been wondering the same thing, for my “Gearing Class Odyssey” here and also my AutoModeler threads.

My Gearing thread is 6 pages long and about half way through the first of three builds (with the second build just started}, but being my first ship build there is a lot of question and answer going on, so I’m thinking it is worth taking the time to copy the more significant and relevant posts across.

Some of my longer threads I won’t do this. I will just post a link to the thread on the old site in the opening post on this site.

Looking forward to the feedback from other members on this issue.

Cheers, D

Hi Damian,
I hope you do move your “Gearing Class Oddyssey” to the new site. If you plan to do this, be sure to get to it soon as the old MSW will be archived this Sunday, October 18.

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I would love to move my blog of HMS Victory over to the new forums, but 17+ pages (or more), and what with going through different sites to host my photos, I think I’ll just leave the old stuff where it’s at…@TimReynega, since the old forums will be archived, does that mean that won’t be viewable? And will there be some kind of link that is auto-generated, so I can put the link in my “new” blog?


The old site will still be viewable as HTML, so your prior work won’t be lost. People will simply have to go over there to view your initial progress on the HMS Victory. I don’t know yet if there is to be an automated link, but once the old site is archived you can copy and paste the HTML link in your new posts.

I think it’s a good idea what Damian said. The shorter build blogs to move/copy over here and the bigger ones left behind with a link to the old forum. My “Assembly Line Thread” has grown to 16 pages over the last 9 years …, my “Jet Collection Thread” is only 3 pages long and my “Leopard And Other Animals Thread” over at Armorama is in its first page.

So I will wave bye-bye to the Assembly Line and try to copy the other both over here.

Torsten :vulcan_salute:

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One possible compromise when there is a lot of pages could be to make a first post
briefly describing the earlier progress and include a link to the old site.
Give the reader a chance to find the old thread easily while leaving the decision to
read or not to read to the reader.

Edit 1: OK, I didn’t read all the posts before responding to Tims first post. You guys already
have it figured out …

Edit 2:

The image above was simply dragged and dropped from the assembly line thread opened in another window. Easy on a computer, I would assume a lot less easy on a smartphone