Sick of spilling Citadel Paints

I got tired of knocking over the unbalanced and light-weight Citadel Bottles, so I made a bottle-holder out of a block of wood and a 1.25" drill bit. Of course, I may just be clumsier than most…
Citadel bottle holder (2)
Now things are better, at least for me.


It’s all about overcoming and adapting… And if it works for you … :+1:

Been there, done that with Humbrol tins, cleaned up the work desk afterwards …

I did the same thing with my Tamiya glue bottles.


I usually have an issue when I try to close the citadel container, go figure.

I saved one of their old, square bottles, that I refill from the new ones. :grin:

Lego blocks are also useful for this

Dan. Good idea. I actually have some for building diorama structures.

Robin: Yah, but I got Nuin Oil on some tools and some parts! Damn it all!
By the way;. it’s a nice wash.

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My son made a Lego holder for my Tamiya glue years ago and I still have it. I made a small Lego box that holds my super glue tube.

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3D Printing is the best way nowadays, you can design and print the perfect stand for any bottle.

A few examples from Thingiverse:

True, but I have about 2K Legos laying around

I made similar ones for all paints and cements I use. I ut them out of a foam kneeling pad . havent had a spill since .

Yeah, been there as well! I use simple dishwashing sponges for that task now. Just cut a hole of appropriate size with a knife and thats it.