Sidewinder missile containers

A while ago, member Denimo asked about the storage containers of Sidewinder missiles. In this video:
you can see from the 4:50 minute mark what the Sidewinder containers look like.

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Bonus C model Sh*thook cameo.

And M114s !

Those are Chapparal stowage bins, designed for use on the vehicle. They only hold the missile body, not the wings or fins.


Found a drawing of the M570 Stinger Storage/Transport Container in the TM that provides transportability guidance for logistic handling and movement of the systems making up the Chaparral Air Defense Guided Missile system.

Dimensional data as well.

I found this list of shipping arrangement drawings on a Defense Acquisition University site.

Guidance and Control Section, packed in MK33 Container, Unitized:

Missile, AIM-9, packed in CNU-310, CNU-323 or CNU-324 Container:

Missile, AIM-9X packed in CNU-609 Container:

Missile, packed in CNU-435 Container:

Rocket Motor, MK17 and/or SR-116, packed 1 per Metal Container, Palletized:

Rocket Motor, MK17 and/or SR-116, packed 4 per CNU-302/E Container:

Sidewinder Missile in CNU-310/E Container and Sparrow Missile in CNU-305/E Container:

Searching for the container model may yield more info, perhaps photos of surplus items sold by the Government.