Singapore Leopard 2A4

Id like to add a Singapore Leopard to my collection id rather add a leopard 2SG but no kit available
so ill have to settle for a Leopard 2A4 not sure whether to use Italeri or Hobby Boss or a combo of both kits any changes that need to be made ?

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I’d be amazed if Tiger or RFM etc don’t do a 2A4SG soon.

Tiger do a Leo 2 Evolution I and II and a Revolution as well. These are a bit closer to a 2A4SG than the other 2A4 kits you mention.

Even so, I’d be amazed if Tiger didnt do a 2A4SG based on their Evo kits at some point soon. Everyone seems to be going nuts for Leopard kits so there is bound to be one.

You cant go wrong with a Tiger kit btw - absolutely brilliant. Love them.

Iv built a few of tiger models before and since they only way to get a Leopard 2SG is to get a expensive resin kit of it from a company in Singapore so thats why I opted to do a Singapore Leopard 2A4