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So the Armorama test of this seems to show that posts generally went up in the forum after the content posts were moved to it’s own forum/category on the homepage. So as of today the full test run of this is going forward. Meaning if you are looking for content related post (or to find new content posted to the sites) you will find those here.

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Jim, perhaps this is in the wrong bit but I note that within the sub-divisions of Armour/AFV the Cold War is listed from 1950 to 1974; this is a bit off by any criteria. Could it possibly be amended to say, from 1945 to 1989 to give some of us a fighting chance to identify a little more accurately?

Some sources have it going all the way to 1991. However the reason it’s set at 1974 is more to do with identifying vehicles by period. That is, unless you want all M1 Abrams tanks and F-18s to be thought of as Cold War tanks/planes.

Well, I always thought it was the repository for those models that were representataive of the Cold War ie those engaged in it up until say, the fall of the Berlin Wall. If I’m making an M1 Abrams that was a USAREUR vehicle c.1988 then that it is where I’d hope to put it. If it was an M1 Abrams of the Gulf War then I’d post it under “Modern Armour”.If it’s purely based on timescale then presumably I’m adrift. Is there something i’m not getting here (not unknown)?