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Italeri has re-released the 1:48 scale Douglas A-4 E/F/G Skyhawk with a new set of decals

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The IAF version looks really nice.

It’s a re issue of the old Esci kit with new decals. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Not a bad kit externally for its age, but the cockpit is spartan to put it kindly.

We could use a new mold A-4 series.

I don’t know how much better they could be made compared to the Hasegawa 1/48 Scooter family. Aside from their habit of squeezing as much as possible from the molds needing filling or drilling here or there, they are great kits.

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Fair point, I have enough but I don’t think they are in production. Would like to get B and C.

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No tail pipe extension?

I actually realized that detail on the Israeli Skyhawks just now.

It is my limited understanding that was a 1973 design and installation so the kit 1970 decal would be correct without the extension.

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Correct. That extension was an emergency fit developed during the October 1973 War due to the abundance of SA-7’s and their resulting losses/damage. So any aircraft from the War of Attrition or early portion of the Yom Kippur War would be fine without the exhaust extension. The Israelis also began swapping out the Colt 20mm cannons for 30mm guns carried under the intakes around the same time on their Skyhawks.

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