SLA Tiran wreck

Here’s something I finally managed to get finished inthe early stages of Lockdown before the mojo took a hit that its only just coming out of. Base kit was ESCI Ti67. Replaced the barrel with one from Aber and newfenders from some copper sheet. Figures from Masterbox and Meng, and Pigeons from Miniart.


Nice, good job. Do you have more photos?

Thank you. I do but I need to figure out how to load multiples in one post. Currently it s a bit hit and miss. Most likely operator error😕

Here’s another one. Phone camera is all I have available so sorry for the quality

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Looks good! Mobile cameras produce very good photos nowadays, just get a decent light and a cardboard background will be enough for sharing through internet

Thanks gents. Appreciate the feedback.

Very nice finish on the tank & bonus game of spot-the-pigeons - I see two. I am actually interested in them - would you recommend & how many do you get to a box? (If there are more than 2 in your dio pls put me out of my misery) :tumbler_glass:

Yup only 2 of them.
IIRC there’s about 36 of then in the box in 4 different poses. They are a bit fiddly, but that’s what you expect with Miniart,. Nothing some good optics and a decent tweezers can’t sort though.

Yikes I didn’t realise they needed assembling! I guess with the other 34 you could make a nice dio featuring Tippi Hedren :tumbler_glass:

Neither did I until I opened the box…