Slovakian leopard 2A4

Im looking to add a Slovakian Leopard 2A4 to my NATO collection i have decals for it on the way
but can any one give my any insitght as to what this clor is or could or what comes close to it

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Looks like a dunkel-like color; mustardy yellow.

Vallejo Dunkelgelb yellow would work.

It looks more like a light Olive Drab on my screen.

every image i see its looks different

now look at the first part of this video of the Slovakian Leo 2A4

Still looks OD to me.

Im thinking the same just need to figure out what shade

Almost looks like a lighter olive color, like the old Humbrol French Artillery Olive.

Im sure i can find a close match in Tamiya or AK real colors

The OD I used on my Sherman is what im leaning towards

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I think i may have found the right color the WW2 era protective 4BO russian green

I fiannly found the color for the slovakian Leopard 2 with the assistance from the guys at armour models in slovakia where im getting my decals from they recommend RAL6008 grau grun

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