Small vignette, with Kubelwagen

Hello people, this my first post on armorama, i like read diorama threads, and decided to create my own.
On internet i find this photo.

and want to recreate this on my vingette/small diorama, but i replace bike to a kublwagen.

at first i build a shed, using wooden popsicle sticks and wooden coffee stirrers glued with PVA


Well done with that shed :+1:

Welcome @Tannenberg, and nice start to your little dio. The shed looks very nice.

I agree with John, welcome aboard and the shed looks great. :+1:

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That is looking good- you’ve got the shape and the rough wood look down well. Should be a real treat to look at with all those signs on it!

Welcome to Armorama - good start!

Welcome aboard. Nice concept for a dio and great beginning,

Welcome Tannenberg, nice start with the shed, I like the use of different width and overlapping planking, gives it a feel of neglect already, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:.

G, :beer:

Now i start painting shed. First i airbrush medium grey color. then I used different shades of oil paints to simulate different shades of the old wood. I also made the roof using thin sheet metal.

Now i start making the road signs.


Looking great. You can print signs like those on your computer printer. Then spray them with a flat, clear coat to protect the ink, before weathering them.

Hello again. I have not posted updates for a long time but i still working on the vignette so here’s a little update.
still need to draw a lot of road signs. and add a couple of tufts of grass near the shed.


Coming together really nicely.writing the signs by hand is definitely the way forward. its how it would of been done for real, and adds to the realism of it all :+1:

Almost two weeks without updates. but continued to work on the diorama, and now I can say that I finished it.
I spent a lot of time drawing road signs.


Nice idea! Makes for a colorful and contrasting backdrop.

Fantastic work- a brilliant little vignette.

Thanks people. Soon i start new diorama, with Krupp morser from takom.

That is pretty neat. I note that the Kubelwagen is heading away from all the action. :slight_smile:

Is there anyone hiding out inside the shed? It would be kinda cool if there were a couple Russians (or whatever) inside, peering out between the boards, getting ready to shoot if either of the Germans notice them.

Great build on this one Tannenberg, have enjoyed following your various updates, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:.

G, :beer: