Smit Frankrijk in Dry Dock by Nikos Kosmadakis | Model Shipwrights


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First of all, let me say, awesome build!!

Some, well - 30 something - years ago, I started a FM controlled big model of one of those tugs, at that time, being a 15 or 16 year old boy, I built RC models and participated in competitions that were about ‘ship handling skills’. Tugs were the number one choice, nothing can be better handled than a tug. There was a ‘Billing boat’ I believe the company was called kit, more than half a meter in length, of exactly that class of tugs. I had my aunt and uncle driving my to Rotterdam and see if we could find them, and we did. I even was allowed to come on board, at the time it was Smit Rusland. - Fine boat at the time, brilliant build and weathering but make me sad to see her in that shape…


Nikos, what an absolutely stunning build! I admire how you took a relatively uninteresting subject (at least for me) and made it into a completely captivating display. Simple, but marvelous!

Brilliant build, stunning stuff.