SMMI Didn't Pay Me for Contribution!

Hello All,
I would like to warn you that Scale Military Modeller International magazine didn’t pay for my contribution. Be careful with them!

Is it they didn’t accept your article and therefore didn’t pay for one or they did accept the submission, published it and didn’t pay you? Sucks if the later. If also the later, did y’all sign some paperwork you could use to recoup the funds?

They published it. They said ownership changed in meantime and new owner said it is not their liability although they may pay. They promised at least three times I was on payment list past last year (playing on time I guess).
I even proposed sending me free model kits from they sample stash, but got no reply ( i emailed them several times).

I guess that’s one thing I can definitely say that I will never have to worry about :thinking:

But sorry for your difficulty

That’s crap. I am sure new management kept the rights to old publications so they get to keep the debt owed to. Hope they come through like they should.

While I am not familiar with them , something about this rings a bell. I seem to recall this same problem in previous posts.

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That is kind of the point of bankruptcy though. And MA Publishing doesn’t carry over any debts of the bankrupt company (SAM) by buying out their assets, etc.

Yes I read something about them being veru underhanded , years ago !

Well that is not good news at all.