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Coming next year at 1/72 scale, Soviet Armored Tractor BTS-4A

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…the heck is that pipe on top? It looks like you’re supposed to line up a bunch of these together to create a military sewer line from the officer’s latrine or something.

Looks like a deep wading snorkel in travel position. I might be wrong, but this vehicle is most likely used to rescue unfortunate tanks stuck underwater.

It is an ordinary atmoured recovery vehicle, carying a deep wading pipe.
Since a lot of rivers in eastern Europe lacked many bridge crossings the Soviet doctrine focussed on deep wading equipment and training for their front line troops.
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Of course you could always replace the tube with a ZU-23-2 AA gun and add a MG mount to the tube base…


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BTS-4, was created in the USSR, UkrOboronProm has nothing to do with it