Sneak Peek! Kfz.4 from ICM | Armorama

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This is an early war vehicle, production was curtailed due to overcomplication for what it was. I wonder if ICM will release the twin MG mount separately though; this was in use all through the war, mounted in all sorts of trucks and on its own as a ground mounting.

Looks like a Prehistoric Vintage Technical. Very interesting!

According to a post on ML:
#35714 1/35 Zwillingssockel 36, WWII German AA MG Mount

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The Wehrmacht had the Zwillingsockel mounted on horse carts(If. 5) too:

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Whoa! @ayovtshev

Now that is the Prehistoric Technical!

Thank you for sharing! Made my day :slight_smile:

Angel, that brings new meaning to “Adjust for the wind factor”…

Not too sure I’d want to be a guy up front either… trust thy brother soldier alright.

This is a very cool subject. If the first photo is the box art I’d buy it just for that. Great artwork!

A similar contraption called Zwillingssockellafette is (or was) used by the Bundeswehr for stationary defense.