So.Cal. AMPS 12 Hour Build Challenge- 1/35 Leopard 2

Nice, very nice indeed.

Not sure if our club could set aside that big block of time but we could build an hour at the hobby shop each month. Heck buy a kit off the rack, build, rattle can and display all in one location.

I also have tried the AK Real Colors, using Tamiya lacquer thinner (yellow cap), and results were a mix of smooth coverage and that gritty finish, all in the same spraying session. The local hobby shop (Burbank House of Hobbies) is stocking the Gunze thinners now and I’ll have to try that to see if the coverage with the AK paint improves.

You should see a huge improvement if you thin the AK with the Mr Levelling thinner. I sure did. Since both my local shops carry the AK line, this is going to be my go to paint.

Hi, that is amazing. You made the best out of this pretty old kit. It shows how important a good paintjob and clean building is. A very nicely done Dutch Leopard! :slight_smile:

Thanks to one and all for your kind words. I’ve gotten so used to taking weeks or months to complete a typical build with stowage and add ons and fixes, I’ve forgotten the lesser time needed for something like this. Concentrate on the basics.

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Looks excellent! Did you use Ak real colors olive green, it another shade? I have a leopard to build and shade you used looks just about perfect

Thank you. I used AK Real Colors Gelb Olive (Late) RAL 6014, RC087.

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